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Entry #7

Train Of Thought (2017)

2017-05-10 17:45:28 by To-Drift


Been a long time...Well, a year! For me to be able to sit down and put all of my music I've made over the years on to here. This album I've been working on over this last year, and it pretty much sounds the same as the rest of the music I've made. Don't worry, it'll be the last you hear of me! I don't create music full time. A lot of what I've made I may 'recreate' but it was the idea of getting all of those melodies, riffs and texture ideas out of my head to share.

The track listing is below as follows:

01) To Drift
02) Cease Fire
03) Recovery
04) Plagued
05) Clouds, Hope
06) Cornered
07) Seedy
08) Tremors
09) Lost In Numbers
10) Train Of Thought

After these tracks are on here, I'll most likely lurk and settle down again. See where the playing around with the different VSTs, Plugins and sounds from my Bass Guitar will lead me to! If at all anywhere else. Made a total of 90 songs (including the 2 albums I've ironically excluded!)

Until next time.



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