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Drawn In (2016)

2017-05-03 14:03:53 by To-Drift


Will be uploading the next album called 'Drawn In' here, but am omitting 1 track (due to its copyright infringement) and edited another (as it repeats itself and goes on for too long!) so the track listing is as follows below:

01) One Last Look Back
02) Submerged (Edit)
03) Unsettled
04) Coup De Grace
05) Oblivious
06) Warm, Wired
07) Drawn Out
08) Dread
09) Beyond Words

Doubtful that I'll upload the 'Leftovers' album now and will probably simply upload the 'Train Of Thought' album that I've recently completed and leave it at that.

I don't check in here very often, before re-emerging, I left it a year! So, I hope you like (or don't like) the music I've made and am putting here and see you all soon!

Thanks, bye!


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