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Drawn Out (2016)

2017-04-30 16:05:53 by To-Drift


A slow and steady progress of uploading all of my music on to here. Currently uploading the third album I promised to send here (5th in total that I've made!) It's track listing is as follows:

01) A Fine Line
02) Picking Up The Pieces
03) Some Suspicion
04) The Art Of Not Caring
05) Grains Of Sand
06) Trapped In A Box
07) Monster
08) Drawn In
09) Swarm
10) Through It All

Once all my songs are hear, I'll just leave them to be left and listened to. Not a dumping ground of such, but more curious to see what people think of my music. Whether it's fan or craptastic.

Either way, speak soon!


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