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One Year Later...

2017-03-16 08:39:29 by To-Drift


To anyone who has seen this page or listened to my music, welcome! Again?

Apologies for no posts for nearly 1 year, I have been incredibly busy!

The first two albums I made in 2015 are here to listen to as well as here:

And I'm hoping to get the last 4 I've worked on over the past 2 years on both Newgrounds and Soundcloud titled as follows:

Drawn Out (2016)
Drawn In (2016)
Train Of Thought (2017)
Leftovers (2017)

This shouldn't be too much of a lengthy process so if you like what I've made, say so, or if you don't...say so as well!

Thanks again and take care,

To Drift


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2017-03-16 10:39:28

So i suppose this is a welcome back than so Welcome Back man ^_^

To-Drift responds: