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Made In Stasis (2015)

2016-03-05 15:51:13 by To-Drift


First album (as promised to release!) is now available to listen to with the track listing as follows:

01) Synoymous
02) Plastic
03) A Simple Object
04) Escapade
05) Nocturnal
06) Theme From 'Theme'
07) Less Is More (More Or Less)
08) Simply Lost
09) All In Threes
10) Forgive & Forget
11) Bite My Tongue
12) Timing Isn't Everything
13) Web Of Thought
14) Please Hold...

EDIT: The following can NOW be enjoyed in a playlist compiling all 14!



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2016-03-13 08:41:15

I'll just leave this comment here -- y'know, 'cause general is full of sods for brains and you seem like a decent guy.

To-Drift responds:

lol! Sods for brains, love it! Thanks :)

I hope you like what you hear. Will follow your profile and have a listen to what you've got :)

Thanks again!


2016-03-13 09:14:18

Likewise. Shoot me a link to anything in particular you'd like a review on. I have a pretty big twitter following, so I usually tweet stuff I like, too :)

(Updated ) To-Drift responds:

Excellent! My following is pretty average. It's more Filmmaking on my Twitter whilst APOE_Observes has the music talk as well as rants/poems. Sure, feel free to have a listen to what I've got on here so far. Have put the whole album up, but it's only approved the publishing of 5 tracks. Some of my other favourites haven't been approved yet. :)