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2016-03-04 15:03:01 by To-Drift


I've known and been on this website on and off over the years, but have decided to just 'dump?' all my music here and see if anyone can make sense of it, have something to moan at, or make use of it somewhere.

The albums that will not be released here:

Sampling The Sampled (2010)
Corrupted Data (2012)

The following albums will be released as follows:

Made In Stasis (2015)
Less Is More (More Or Less) (2015)
Drawn Out (2016)
Drawn In (2016)
Train Of Thought (2017)
Leftovers (2017)

I personally feel they first two albums are 'inadequate' for this site. Whether you like what's on here or not, is entirely down to you.

Like said in my profile bio, I'm open to collaborative and client work, so if you like what you hear, leave me a message!

Thanks and speak soon,
To Drift


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