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Train Of Thought (2017)

2017-05-10 17:45:28 by To-Drift


Been a long time...Well, a year! For me to be able to sit down and put all of my music I've made over the years on to here. This album I've been working on over this last year, and it pretty much sounds the same as the rest of the music I've made. Don't worry, it'll be the last you hear of me! I don't create music full time. A lot of what I've made I may 'recreate' but it was the idea of getting all of those melodies, riffs and texture ideas out of my head to share.

The track listing is below as follows:

01) To Drift
02) Cease Fire
03) Recovery
04) Plagued
05) Clouds, Hope
06) Cornered
07) Seedy
08) Tremors
09) Lost In Numbers
10) Train Of Thought

After these tracks are on here, I'll most likely lurk and settle down again. See where the playing around with the different VSTs, Plugins and sounds from my Bass Guitar will lead me to! If at all anywhere else. Made a total of 90 songs (including the 2 albums I've ironically excluded!)

Until next time.


Drawn In (2016)

2017-05-03 14:03:53 by To-Drift


Will be uploading the next album called 'Drawn In' here, but am omitting 1 track (due to its copyright infringement) and edited another (as it repeats itself and goes on for too long!) so the track listing is as follows below:

01) One Last Look Back
02) Submerged (Edit)
03) Unsettled
04) Coup De Grace
05) Oblivious
06) Warm, Wired
07) Drawn Out
08) Dread
09) Beyond Words

Doubtful that I'll upload the 'Leftovers' album now and will probably simply upload the 'Train Of Thought' album that I've recently completed and leave it at that.

I don't check in here very often, before re-emerging, I left it a year! So, I hope you like (or don't like) the music I've made and am putting here and see you all soon!

Thanks, bye!

Drawn Out (2016)

2017-04-30 16:05:53 by To-Drift


A slow and steady progress of uploading all of my music on to here. Currently uploading the third album I promised to send here (5th in total that I've made!) It's track listing is as follows:

01) A Fine Line
02) Picking Up The Pieces
03) Some Suspicion
04) The Art Of Not Caring
05) Grains Of Sand
06) Trapped In A Box
07) Monster
08) Drawn In
09) Swarm
10) Through It All

Once all my songs are hear, I'll just leave them to be left and listened to. Not a dumping ground of such, but more curious to see what people think of my music. Whether it's fan or craptastic.

Either way, speak soon!

One Year Later...

2017-03-16 08:39:29 by To-Drift


To anyone who has seen this page or listened to my music, welcome! Again?

Apologies for no posts for nearly 1 year, I have been incredibly busy!

The first two albums I made in 2015 are here to listen to as well as here:

And I'm hoping to get the last 4 I've worked on over the past 2 years on both Newgrounds and Soundcloud titled as follows:

Drawn Out (2016)
Drawn In (2016)
Train Of Thought (2017)
Leftovers (2017)

This shouldn't be too much of a lengthy process so if you like what I've made, say so, or if you don't...say so as well!

Thanks again and take care,

To Drift

Less Is More (More Or Less) (2015)

2016-04-14 14:07:55 by To-Drift

Hello all!

Second album here after delays for you to listen to. Track list:

01) Bitter (The Great Divide)
02) A Means To An End
03) Shameless
04) For Music's Sake
05) Don't Plug That In! (The Client)
06) Transparent Skies
07) Clocks
08) To Privatize
09) Overwhelming Pressure
10) Sirens
11) You Were Never There
12) Lost Cause
13) Wandering Child
14) The Drifter

Playlist available to listen to them in order.

4 more albums to get round to uploading here for you all to enjoy.

Take care, bye!

Made In Stasis (2015)

2016-03-05 15:51:13 by To-Drift


First album (as promised to release!) is now available to listen to with the track listing as follows:

01) Synoymous
02) Plastic
03) A Simple Object
04) Escapade
05) Nocturnal
06) Theme From 'Theme'
07) Less Is More (More Or Less)
08) Simply Lost
09) All In Threes
10) Forgive & Forget
11) Bite My Tongue
12) Timing Isn't Everything
13) Web Of Thought
14) Please Hold...

EDIT: The following can NOW be enjoyed in a playlist compiling all 14!



2016-03-04 15:03:01 by To-Drift


I've known and been on this website on and off over the years, but have decided to just 'dump?' all my music here and see if anyone can make sense of it, have something to moan at, or make use of it somewhere.

The albums that will not be released here:

Sampling The Sampled (2010)
Corrupted Data (2012)

The following albums will be released as follows:

Made In Stasis (2015)
Less Is More (More Or Less) (2015)
Drawn Out (2016)
Drawn In (2016)
Train Of Thought (2017)
Leftovers (2017)

I personally feel they first two albums are 'inadequate' for this site. Whether you like what's on here or not, is entirely down to you.

Like said in my profile bio, I'm open to collaborative and client work, so if you like what you hear, leave me a message!

Thanks and speak soon,
To Drift